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Losing Weight Safely

You probably think the easiest way to lose weight is with










"The right way is to use a safe medically supervised, and proven weight-loss program, like the one that I developed. It's helped hundreds of people since 1990." —Dr. Gray

   When you've had enough of generic, one-size-fits-all diets, there is a solution that works. One that's safe, because it's medically supervised by a doctor with over 27 years of experience. It's the "Gray System," and it's like no other plan that you've tried before.

   Developed by Dr. Rel L. Gray, the "Gray System" is a customized diet that fits into your lifestyle, not the other way around. And Dr. Gray offers solutions to the tough problems you face through support and sincere encouragement.

   Now you can stop analyzing diets and get on with your life. Dr. Gray has done all the research for you, and he's here to guide every step of the way.

   The "Gray System" weight-loss program has proven successful for hundreds of patients. And he wants you to be next. Welcome to the last diet you'll ever need.

Trust your health to the doctor who understands.

   Your successful weight-loss program begins with a medical evaluation and health history with Dr. Gray. He will give you a physical exam to determine your body's fat percentage and Body Mass Index (BMI) and then develop a customized plan for your condition. And Dr. Gray and his experienced staff will continue to monitor your health throughout the program, to ensure your safe progress.

Dr. Gray puts you in control.

   Dr. Gray may prescribe appetite suppressants, vitamins, or other supplements, if they are necessary for your program. These tools help you safely control hunger and boost low energy levels, giving you the control you need to overcome the hurdles that have presented problems for you on past diets. While they are not mandatory elements of the "Gray System," many patients appreciate the extra control they provide.

Fast results keep you motivated.

   The "Gray System" is designed to work fast, because sticking to a diet is so much easier when you continue to see and feel the results.
   Dr. Gray will see you at least every two weeks to ensure that you remain healthy and continue to lose weight at a rate that's comfortable for you. These checkups will help you stay motivated and learn valuable information about your progress.

The "Gray System" offers choices that fit your lifestyle.

   One of the exciting things about the "Gray System" is that it's tailored specifically to your needs. Dr. Gray builds in the elements that make your plan easy to follow. And it's not just about your nutritional needs, but about your emotional needs, as well.
   The following options are available alone or in combination with one another:

 MEDICAL DIET With this plan, Dr. Gray will review your food intake, check to make sure that you're burning fat, and periodically measure your weight. He might prescribe medication to enhance your weight loss, such as appetite suppressants and nutritional supplements. And you'll always be able to ask questions in a supportive environment. The support that Dr. Gray and his staff give you will help you stay focused and motivated and also provide you with valuable information.

MEAL PLAN You don't have to sacrifice home-cooked meals to lose weight with the "Gray System." You can make your own delicious meals at home. That's because Dr. Gray will teach you how to eat healthier. He will educate you on the foods that will benefit you most and will even create a customized meal plan for you

FITNESS PROGRAM Dr. Gray will assist you in increasing your activity levels with a customized fitness plan. Best of all, you get to pick the exercises you enjoy and decide whether you'll work out at home or at the gym. These may include either cardiovascular workouts, which are excellent for increasing your metabolic rate and burning fat more efficiently, or resistance training, which helps tone your muscles while you are losing body fat. Dr. Gray will determine how much time you will need to commit to your fitness plan based on your specific situation and your overall health history. You will ease into your custom program slowly, which dramatically increases your chances of reaching your goals.
We'll make sure you keep it off.

   It is very important that you keep the weight off once you lose it. That's why Dr. Gray will work closely with you during this phase of the program to gradually adjust your diet to work with your body's metabolism.
   Dr. Gray will also teach you about lifelong weight control, healthy eating habits, good nutrition, and simple exercise routines. Plus, you'll learn to replace unhealthy "stress eating" habits with healthy, effective coping strategies and relaxation techniques. The tips and encouragement Dr. Gray provides help you continue on your successful journey.

Offering total health-care for almost every condition.

   Dr. Gray also provides leading-edge care for a wide variety of conditions. Once he accurately diagnoses your situation, he will recommend the appropriate treatment or prescribe the proper medication to get you on the road to recovery — as quickly and easily as possible. Dr. Gray has over 27 years of experience and has always kept up on the latest developments in his field. This allows him to provide you with the best care possible.

Dr. Gray makes it simple.

   Same-day, early morning, lunchtime, and weekend appointments mean you can easily work frequent office visits into the busiest of schedules. Dr. Gray's friendly office staff accepts Visa and MasterCard. Parking is always free, and the office is handicapped-accessible.


Call (318) 251-1000 Today!

This health article is made available by Dr. Rel Gray, MD a Weight Loss Doctor. Gray Clinic's office at 206 E. Reynolds Drive # C2 Ruston, LA 71270. Dr. Gray is easy reachable from Bernice, Downsville, Farmerville, Calhoun, Choudrant, Dubach, Grambling, Ruston, Simsboro, Eros, Hodge, Jonesboro, Quitman, Athens, Lisbon, Arcadia, Bienville, and Gibsland.
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